Majorca Bike Week

Participants: Margrit and Kurt // Cathy and Mäse // Lele and Daniel // MoMo and Frank // Michele // René // Armin // Rodolfo // Axel // Paul // Erika and Hansjörg

Tuesday, 24.11.2017

The bikes that we have deposited with Kurt in Eglisau on Sunday will be loaded onto the truck by SKS for the journey to Palma.

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 Sunday, 05.11.2017 // Weather: sun / rain, 17 °

Getting up in the middle of the night to fly to Palma with the SWISS at 07.30. Everyone is on time and still has time to drink and chat. The snack in the plane is very good, but unfortunately also very small. The flight is quiet, only the landing is pretty hard.

Ride Report Mallorca 021

After a 1 hour drive we landed in the Robinson area. The bikes are ready, so we can tackle our excursion to Üse and Barbara to take. But o jeeehhhh, barely on the door it starts to rain. And not just a bit, no, within minutes, everyone is soaking wet.

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The friendly welcome and the great hospitality of Barbara and Üse on their finca “Es Rafalat” compensate us for the rain and the last stretch of road, which does not deserve the name actually. Offroad is announced and some leave the Töff at the intersection and go the last few meters on foot.

The return trip is then wet again and parking on a dry ground in the middle of the Robinson facility is a challenge.

At 18.00 there is an aperitif and lots of information about the process and the tours. Afterwards the dinner and a cozy bar visit is announced.

Monday, 06.11.2017 // Weather: sun / clouds, 19 ° // 240 km

Meeting point roundabout, time 09.45, departure for the rally 10.00. All are on time, only the departure is postponed because the streets are still wet. It is quite a challenge to drive on wet roads. The asphalt is so smooth and especially in the roundabouts, of which there are thousands, very dangerous. Give a little too much throttle and the rear breaks or you are right on the road.

Ride Report Mallorca 024Ride Report Mallorca 025









Our Tourgide leads us relaxed and safe through the country roads to a coffee right on the sea.

Following the ride leads inland to end at a marina for lunch. There is a perfect BBQ on white tables, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Hansueli from the Old Bern Chapter leads the Pelicanos in an hour’s drive to the lighthouse to the east, where we can enjoy a fantastic view of the coast and the deep blue sea. There are 4 such lighthouses in Mallorca and we will hopefully visit all.

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Ride Report Mallorca 029Ride Report Mallorca 030After the ride home and the shower is Apero announced before it goes to the TexMex food.

Ride Report Mallorca 031 
Tuesday, 07.11.2017 // Weather: sun / clouds, 19 ° // 240 km

Today is a guided tour in the mountains and the sea north on the island announced. Departure 10.30, with over 30 bikes. All of the chapters are there. Also Armin, whose HD was left yesterday. He’s got a fat boy from the rental fleet of the club.

The chapter is already torn apart on departure because the Germans are pushing in between. Are we Swiss just too reserved? The journey goes swiftly towards mountains, breaks are held in parking lots. Many participants have no idea about the convoy and change lanes to their liking.

The route is amazingly beautiful, the mountains wild and untouched. Winding roads lead through bizarre landscapes and suddenly you see the sea far below and deep blue. The last piece with many serpentines leads into the dreamlike bay Sa Calobra. Unfortunately, the break is far too short (3/4 hours) for food and sightseeing.

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The chapter has then released from the tour and drove quite relaxed back to the hotel.

The Tourgides are really doing a good job and they can not help it if a couple of idiots ride.

Pity for the nice tour, but some of us were really stressed out. The Chapter decides to start its own tour planned by Kurt on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 08.11.2017 // Weather: sun / clouds, 18 ° // 270 km

Today is the collection at 09.15, departure 09.30 clock. Everyone is ready, but oh fright, today the HD of Rodolfo does not start. Battery empty! Rodolfo stays back and takes care of his motorcycle. We start with a 1/2-hour delay.

Kurt has planned the tour. It leads to the northwestern mountains and is very winding. Again and again we see from far above the sea.

We have lunch at the port of Sóller and have coffee with cake at the port of Port d’Andratx in the west of the island.

We then drive on direct way, partly on the highway back to the hotel. We just managed to arrive at the hotel before dark. Kurt actually planned Palma. Unfortunately, we can not do this for time reasons. But it is a great tour with countless road and foresight highlights.
Unfortunately, the late arrival of the cozy aperitif, everyone has a hunger for bears.

Ah yes, the Harley of Rodolfo is running again, so that tomorrow (if it does not rain) can be with the party. Armin has, after some discussion, the Fat Boy for the rest of the week and can always go.

Thursday, 09.11.2017 // Weather: sun / clouds, 17 °

Yesterday evening the big talk about the weather for today. Masha and Cathy take care of a rental bus. Because then all, except Dani and Lele, decide for Palma, Kurt rents then a passenger car so that all 14 can really ride. In Palma, the sun shines all day, but it is quite cool.

The old town with the narrow streets and the many small shops is very attractive. But because it is shady and cool in the streets and does not make you want to linger, then we walked to the harbor and feasted in a fish restaurant about 3 hours. At 17.00 everyone met at the car park to drive to the hotel.
After a long aperitif, dinner with the Tuscan theme follows. Then there is a hit evening with dirndl and lederhosen. MoMo and Frank have plunged into these clothes and thrown themselves into the fray.

Friday, 10.11.2017 // Weather: Sunny 14 ° // 220 km

Today departure 09.30 to the northern lighthouse of Cap Formentor. The streets are still wet and correspondingly slippery. The first gyros and curves we drive restrained. Then the streets dry up and we can drive normally and relaxed. The further north we go the stronger the wind blows. On the road to the lighthouse, the gusts are so strong that we have to take care in hell.

The entire route leads over relatively wide roads with long curves. Unfortunately, the thermometer does not go over 14 degrees, so that especially the women have to fight with the cold. During lunch in Port de Pollença, the sun is shining and a radiant heater adds warmth.

The location of the lighthouses is unique. High placed on a rock. Down in different bays, the sea bangs against the rocks. Inconvenient and dangerous, but also fantastically beautiful.

In the Robinson Club, the boys of SKS are since 17.00 clock on the loading of the 300 motorcycles. There are already HD’s 2-story on the frame ready for loading into the trucks. At 10:00 pm, however, they are still setting up their frames so that all motorcycles can be charged on Saturday.

We have agreed that our HD’s have to be ready on Saturday from 12.00. A few of us want to use the morning for the Töff-driving. But most will spend the morning with breakfast and packing, because the rooms must be vacated by 11.00.
Tomorrow’s back home, this great week is over.

Saturday, 11.11.2017 // Weather: Sunny 21 °

The tireless come after an approximately 1-hour drive up the hill, Sant Salvador 510 mt. above sea level. Sea, with sensational views of the entire coast, enthusiastic back.

The rest have in the meantime breakfasted in detail, their HD’s delivered, packed and checked out.

Once everyone is back together, where is it going? To the aperitif of course! At 12:30 o’clock lunch is announced and afterwards our bus leaves at 14:45 o’clock and brings us to the airport.

SWISS starts punctually and lands punctually in the wet and cold Kloten. There we are greeted by Jaël, Maya and Ruth like VIP’s with a banner and greeted.

Wednesday, 15.11.2017

Kurt informs the participants at 08.50 clock that the motorcycles have arrived in Eglisau. The SKS has managed to deliver the bikes within 5 days from the Robinson Club in Cala Serena via Mogendorf DE, to Eglisau.

Kurt has organized via WhatsApp, when the bikes in Eglisau can be picked up. That he gives his free time, or work breaks and even special requests bez. Pick up time is not taken for granted. Thank you very much.

And last but not least, an enumeration of things that must be said in connection with this unforgettable week:

  • The organization of Kurt (Bike Week, flights etc.) was just great. Everything worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  • The exits planned and carried out by Kurt were great. It is not natural to lead a convoy calmly and safely in a foreign country with sometimes demanding roads or conditions. Thank you very much.
  • The organization of SKS was just perfect. The guys who drove the bikes to Majorca, dumped them there, provided them for the participants and loaded them back onto the trucks at the end of the week did a great job. On Friday evening, they have provided up to 22.30 clock frame so that the loading on Saturday can be done quickly.
  • Robinson Club accommodation was great, staff always friendly and helpful. 
  • The food (always buffet) left nothing to be desired. About fish, seafood, meat, pasta, vegetables, salad, cheese, dessert buffet (no exhaustive list) was really everything your heart desires. The breakfast buffet left nothing to be desired.
  • The 16 Pelicanos who have spent this week together are sure to agree that this event will go down in Chapter history. And that we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to participants who have made this event unforgettable, especially Kurt of course.


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